Snack Mom Muffins with Born Sweet® Zing™ Baking Blend

Snack Mom Muffins

This post is brought to you by the makers of Born Sweet® Zing™ Baking Blend and She Knows Media. I’ve been baking a lot of muffins lately. Like, a lot of muffins. It’s getting a little out of hand: blueberry, banana, walnut, almond, apple, pear, oat, peach, corn, mango… ALL THE MUFFINS, you guys. And do… 

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Louisiana Oysters en Brochette (PLUS GIVEAWAY!)

Oysters en Brochette

Obviously, we Mainers love our lobster, halibut, and local Pemaquid oysters, and indulge in them as often as possible. But there’s another “varietal” of oyster we’ve become smitten with in our travels: The Southern Oyster. We’ve enjoyed our fair share, stacks of dozens piled high on paper plates, sweet morsels served raw with salty square… 

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Finding Balance with Vitafusion Gummies (PLUS GIVEAWAY!)


There are days when we have oatmeal with apricots for breakfast, lentils for lunch, fruit and almond butter for snack, and a beautiful dinner composed of locally raised, organic chicken, carrots, beets, green beans and homemade bread with frozen bananas and Greek yogurt for dessert. Then there are the other 364 days of the year…. 

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Twice-Baked Acorn Squash with Sausage and Kale

Twice-Baked Stuffed Squash

I’ve always liked living in town. Walking to the coffee shop, bookstore, farmer’s market, playground, bar, etc. is really appealing. Strap the kids in the stroller or a carrier, slide into good walking shoes, and go. You’re out, in the sun, meeting the people in your neighborhood, smiling at friendly shopkeepers, popping into galleries just for… 

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Roasted Mangos with Domino Brown Sugar (PLUS GIVEAWAY!)

Domino Pourable Brown Sugar

​I have two very small children. I have a job, or rather, a passel of freelancing projects I’m constantly behind on. The house needs dusting. The laundry is multiplying like tribbles. I have to do something about the clothes on the floor of my closet. I’m in an ongoing battle with a small spider in the… 

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Reading: New England Farmgirl: Recipes and Stories From a Farmer’s Daughter (PLUS GIVEAWAY!)

Maple Cinnamon Rolls

Just last weekend was Maine Maple Sunday, the sweetest day of the year. On this day in March, all the sugar shacks of Maine open their doors for tours and tasting. Guests are welcomed in from the cold (it was 14 degrees where we were up in Hope) to watch the sweet steam rise from… 

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