“Seven Layer Dip” Burgers

7 Layer DIp Burger

Here’s the thing. I’m not normally one to go for these kinds of “impossible” burgers. Y’know, the kind of cheeseburger that’s so intent on piling every single thing in the cupboard on top of a forlorn, forgotten beef patty, that the top bun stand precariously balanced atop an 18 inch sloppy pile of lettuce, tomato,… 

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Chinese New Year: Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken

Unlike many of the dishes we feature during Chinese New Year, American-Chinese classics that make much more sense on the broken, back-lit plastic photo menu board of the dingiest Chinese restaurants, Kung Pao Chicken actually has roots in honest-to-goodness Chinese cooking. Like, the kind you might see in China, even. The Szechuan dish was named… 

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Chinese New Year: Crab Rangoon

How to Make Crab Rangoon

When I was a teenager, my father would occasionally take me to lunch at a Thai restaurant in Rockland, Maine. I can’t quite remember what it was called, or even exactly where it was. But it’s not there anymore, so it hardly matters. These lunches meant a lot to me. Not because the food was… 

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Chinese New Year: Chinese Roast Pork (Siu Yuk)

Chinese Roast Pork

For anyone that digs on swine, Chinese roast pork may just be a nearly perfect exploration of the finer points of the animal: A crunchy outer layer of blistered, puffy, crispy skin, stacked atop a layer of warm, barely-solid fat that liquefies the instant it hits your mouth, and another layer of tender, lightly-spiced meat. It’s… 

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A Few Thoughts on Popeye’s “Ghost Pepper Wings”

Popeye's Ghost Pepper Wings

I’ve recently come around to Popeye’s. In a big way. The “Louisiana Fast” fried chicken chain, which I had previously only understood to be a great place to go if you wanted the chance to see a gun in real life, has completely converted me into a frequent customer. Their spicy, crunchy, craggy fried chicken,… 

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8 Dishes to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

Christmas Roundup 2012

Or the “Holiday Spirit.” Or the “Hanukkah Spirit.” Or the “Feast of Kwanzaa Spirit.” Or the “Celestial Celebration of the End of the Lunar Year Spirit.” Or the “Christmas Spirit!!” (with double exclamation points) because if anyone says anything else, it makes it feel like Christmas is being stolen (STOLEN!). If you’ve been slow to… 

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Mini Mint Meringues with Toll House Mint Chocolate Delightfulls

Mini Mint Meringues

Can we talk for just a moment about how all of this holiday baking is going? Because it hasn’t been going well. Not, that is, until today. Jillian and I have long been envious of the absolute ruckus that our friends and family bring, when it comes to holiday baking. What started as a cost… 

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