A Few Thoughts Regarding KFC’s “Nashville Hot Chicken”

KFC Nashville Hot Chicken

As longtime readers know, I’m a big-time advocate for Nashville-style “Hot Chicken.” It strikes most of my food-related pleasure receptors: It’s hyper-regional, largely unknown (until recently) outside of its narrow geographic origins, which means eating it evokes very specific memories of a time and place in your life. Its preparation is also unique, in that… 

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OP-ED: The History and Context of Wich, Please’s Second Most Difficult to Pronounce Sandwich


I could make an argument for every single sandwich on the Wich, Please menu. And maybe I will. But today I’m here to talk to you about the Torta de Cochinita. Do not fear its pronunciation. Co-chin-eeta. it’s pretty phonetic, actually. This is nothing more than a sandwich made of pork, slowly roasted in achiote,… 

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America! Presents: Sandwich Bros. of Wisconsin Chicken Melt

Sandwich Bros. of Wisconsin Chicken Melt

There aren’t a ton of ways to use “lunchtime” as a way to express your feelings of postmodern malaise and nagging ennui. You could eat a mayonnaise sandwich alone, under the fluorescent lights of the employee break room, while mentally reciting Sylvia Plath poetry. You could microwave some leftover Bengali fish curry, which has the added benefit… 

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A Few Thoughts on Popeye’s “Ghost Pepper Wings”

Popeye's Ghost Pepper Wings

I’ve recently come around to Popeye’s. In a big way. The “Louisiana Fast” fried chicken chain, which I had previously only understood to be a great place to go if you wanted the chance to see a gun in real life, has completely converted me into a frequent customer. Their spicy, crunchy, craggy fried chicken,… 

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8 Dishes to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

Christmas Roundup 2012

Or the “Holiday Spirit.” Or the “Hanukkah Spirit.” Or the “Feast of Kwanzaa Spirit.” Or the “Celestial Celebration of the End of the Lunar Year Spirit.” Or the “Christmas Spirit!!” (with double exclamation points) because if anyone says anything else, it makes it feel like Christmas is being stolen (STOLEN!). If you’ve been slow to… 

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America! Presents: Marie Callender’s “Cheesy Bacon and Egg” Breakfast Pot Pie

Marie Callender's "Cheesy Bacon and Egg"

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post in the “America! Presents” series. I’ve devoted more than enough words to prepackaged Philly cheesesteaks, Buffalo wing-flavored chicken jerky, and “Lobster Bisque” flavored potato chips. Frankly, I just didn’t know if I had it in me anymore, didn’t know if there was anything left that I… 

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