"Bacon and Egg" Candies

“Bacon and Egg” Candies

I‘ve never, ever been drawn in by stuff like this. I don’t craft, I don’t make cute fondant cupcakes that look like Muppets, and I don’t get involved in all of that “bento” business, where what I imagine to be high-anxiety, Type-A people spend hours meticulously decorating a cucumber roll-up to look like surprised kitten, only for their children to trade their painstakingly-crafted Japanese-inspired lunch for a pizza flavored Lunchable.

I was unexpectedly, immediately charmed, however, by these little beauties (which totally weren’t at all my idea). Maybe it’s because I’m a new dad, and I’m doing some kind of nesting thing. Maybe it’s the first step toward irreversible lameness. I’m not sure. But these candies have the touch of homemade, and combine sweet, salty, and crunchy in a way I love. Plus, they look like bacon and eggs. Innat cunnin’?

"Bacon and Egg" Candies

“Bacon and Egg” Candies
Makes about 24 candies


  • 4 ounce bar of good white chocolate
  • 24 yellow M&Ms candies
  • 24 pretzel sticks, each broken in half.


1. In a small saucepan over medium heat, boil 1-2 cups of water. When water boils, place heat-safe bowl on top of saucepan, to serve as a double boiler. Break white chocolate up into small pieces and add to bowl, stirring constantly until chocolate melts.

2. On a parchment or wax paper-lined surface, dollop white chocolate into pools about the size of a quarter. Place a single M&M on each chocolate pool, with the print facing down. Add two pieces of pretzel stick. Let cool completely at room temperature, and serve.


    • Malcolm says

      Once you have the chocolate melted, they go pretty quickly. The labor keeps you from eating them too quickly, as well.

  1. Ohforgotssakeeverydamnwestiewantsaname says

    Yep, you are a new dad. This could be used as a pregnancy test for men.

    Also how did you get white chocolate so white? The only ones I’ve ever found always look sort of buttery. Have I been buying artificially colored white chocolate all my life?

    • Malcolm says

      That’s just how the chocolate came. Since it is such a significant part of the flavor of these, I pulled out the checkbook and went with Ghirardelli baking chocolate. It was money well spent.

  2. Lisarae says

    Her snack days at school are going to be fuuuuun! :) Very cute idea; would look great on a Muppet cake or in a bento box 😉

  3. L.S. says

    Greetings, this post is so interesting. Would it be OK if I featured it (with links and credits, of course) on my blog, under the “interesting” section? Thanks!

  4. Paula says

    my mom used to make a version of this too… except hers was the mini pretzels with white frosting and mini M&Ms.

  5. Christie Bilodeau says

    These are so cute. I can’t wait to make them for my Boss on Boss’ Day. My Boss loves breakfast food as well as candy..what a treat…..


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