The “Blazin’ Wing Challenge” at Buffalo Wild Wings: A Photostory

Buffalo wing chain Buffalo Wild Wings has something called the “Blazin’ Wing Challenge.” For $12.00, you get a dozen of the chain’s chicken wings, slathered in their signature “Blazin'” sauce, the top end of the heat scale in the Buffalo Wild Wings array of sauces. The challenge? Eat them all, in less than six minutes. Complete the challenge, and you get a tee shirt, and your photo on the wall of fame.

Buffalo Wild Wings’ “Blazin'” sauce weighs in at around 300,000 Scoville units, making it about 60 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper, or about in line with some of the hottest liquefied habanero peppers available. Buffalo Wild Wings treats this sauce with respect, with numerous warning labels (“Keep away from eyes, pets, children,” one sticker exclaims), and cautionary advice from the waitstaff.

But there’s more. After you sign a waiver, absolving the restaurant of responsibility in the event you should begin vomiting uncontrollably, or go blind, there are a few more details to consider. During the six minute challenge, you can’t have anything to drink. You can’t use any dipping sauces, like blue cheese, that would dampen the heat. You can’t use a napkin. You can’t use anything but your mouth to strip meat from the bone. And you can’t touch your face.

With the manager and several staff members watching (not to mention a funny little fellow in a blue tracksuit who, as you can see in the photos above, was very, very interested in the goings-on), I had a bracing shot of Jameson, and began. Things went smoothly until about my sixth wing; the sauce is spicy, for sure, but it doesn’t shut down all of your systems, one at a time, the way I expected. I hit a wall at around my eighth wing; my face turned red, my lips began to swell, and my eyes opened up and began spilling down my cheeks.

With the cheers of the people watching, I pushed on, completing the challenge in 4:06, almost a full two minutes shy of the time limit. Our waitress snapped a photo for the Wall of Fame (encouraging me to make the dreaded mid-thirties “thumbs-up” sign) through a swollen faceful of tears, and gave me a few pints of milk to cool the heat, as the few other patrons who had taken a minute away from their hockey game to watch, wandered back to their respective tables.

After mopping the sauce off my face, slurping a beer, and rolling the milk around in my mouth, I noticed that the sauce had left a chemical burn on my thumb, which you can see in the next-to-last photo. I showed the blister to our waitress, who may have summed up the entire event perfectly, with her response. “Is that from the sauce,” she asked. “Oh, that’s gross.”


  1. Patrick says

    Hmm, this has me wanting to get a group together to go down and give it a try. I’d rather not be the only one with snot flowing and blistered thumbs – safety in numbers, so to speak.

    • Malcolm says

      Yes, the difference in attitude between the “before” and the “after” is pretty hilarious, I think.

  2. Scott Brooks says

    Where are some recent locations anyone has done the challenge at that still had t-shirts? My son did the challenge today on his 12th birthday in Wichita Falls, TX. The waitress said it was the 12 blazin wings in 5 minutes, so he made it in 4:22, but they didn’t do anything anymore at this location. I wanted to try to contact another location to see if they would sell me a shirt for him.

  3. guest says

    You are lucky. The wings I had came slathered in sauce AND the server hid the clock from my uncle and I so we could not tell how much time we had left. At any rate, we both failed.

      • john says

        guess he didn’t see your face and thumb in the pics above…

        I wonder if they still do this? I want to buy a bottle of the sauce for home use!

        • MSParkes says

          I did it tonight… 2:47 secs like a BOSS! They did tell me I had to finish in 3 minutes or I had to pay for the wings… What is this 5-6min BS?

  4. colin says

    The only warning I got was the waiter calliing me a “dumb fuck” 8 failed the challenghe to top it off I went to the bathroom afterwords (washed my hands before hand) and still got the oil on my dick. It burned so bad!!

  5. Spicypoo says

    There is no way “blazin” sauce is 300,000 scoville units. That challenge is not even a challenge. It’s just a race to eat a meal.

  6. Justin says

    I did it in 2:49 with no tears involved. It was pretty easy, to be honest, and all I got was a gay headband.. :(

  7. Johnathan Brooks says

    My story is similar to Colin’s.took the challenge but they only gave me 6 wings but they made sure that every piece was soaking with that blazing sauce. But more the lass I breeze through the challenge like the champ I am. Went to the bathroom.made sure I wash my hand becuz the sauce was everywhere. Used the bathroom nd afterwards my dick was blazing hot..but had lots of fun..

  8. Booby says

    I’ve done it 3 times. The second time was under 3 minutes. The last time about 5 minutes flat. All 3 times (twice in wichita falls TX, once in Tennessee)… no t-shirt or photo. I actually like the taste. The worst part, though, is when the wings EXIT your body…. :(

  9. Takis Tzetzos says

    Did this challenge in a 1:10 shattered the record at the BWW by me. Bush league challenge in my opinion but hey I like hot food

  10. Scott Higingbotham says

    They made this challenge about 10 times more annoying at my local BWWs. The sauce is not that terrible…quite enjoyable actually. But they poured about a cup and a half on them after putting them in the basket-allowing them to just sit and soak and be COVERED when you went to eat one. I absolutely enjoyed the first 6-its the gallon of sauce they let them just sit in that makes it difficult.

  11. Sen Guyfawkes says

    I’m with Bona, I have never ever heard of Capsaicin causing chemical burns, even in allergic reactions. That said, I do believe you were using sarcasm. =P

    Though, I do doubt I’d have a problem with this. We don’t have a Buffalo Wild Wings around here (I really wish we did), but 300,000 SHU is nothing for someone who eats with crushed Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper (2,000,000 SHU). I got over eating Habaneros a lot time ago. Before I stepped up to the Scorpion, I used a Bhut Jolokia and Habanero mix, and I can munch that stuff straight from the jar now.

    Only a little bragging. 😉

  12. Richie says

    1:59 yea! No burns and I did not think they were that hot. Although I enjoy raw Habeneros. Seranos. With my meals. The record at this store was 1:56 so I’m 3 seconds off. They gave me a cheap shot glass and coupon for 6 wings, also my 12 wings were on the house. I was fun I’m 55 and have never done a challenge like this. The whole f*cking store cheered me as I walked to wash my hands. Very cool lots of fun;-)

  13. Jake says

    Did that tonight, wow that stuff was insane! Although I am still alittle puzzled that I was not givin a weavier to sign? I did complete the challange with much time to spare and all I got was a headband and a coupon for 6 free wing I don’t even think I had my picture takin the waitress had her phone, and that’s another thi gs that puzzles me there was only 1 waitress the watched as I did the challange not a single manager was around? All in all awesome challange my stomach is on fit I would say if you like hot food do the challange!!!

  14. James says

    I’ve managed to not tear up from eating a ghost chili. I wonder how this challenge will be. I’ve have blazin wings two times, and they’re HOT. But I think I can do the challenge.

  15. Bill says

    It is not the sauce, it is not even really that hot. it is the 12 wings! I am old I am not sure I can eat 12 wings that fast. But someday I will pop in after work and get it done.

  16. Tyler Smith says

    I’ve done the challenge twice, because I lost my t-shirt. The spicy-ness of the wings didn’t really bother me, what bothered me was when I was breaking apart the wings and the steam and temp of the wings were burning my hands and mouth. I can’t believe they through the wings in microwave before they bring them out!!

  17. Janell says

    Okay, so one of my bartenders and I saw this sight and we just had a BWW open in our town. We decided that we are from Louisiana so how hot could they possibly be….we were in for a surprise. First the manager looked at us bc were two 100lb girls, 2nd they did not make us sign any waiver, 3rd the girl next to me gave me the tray with the biggest wings and before we start they tell you that you have 6 minutes to finish, no napkins, can’t touch your face, can’t have anything to drink, and you have to finish in 3 minutes in order to get the shirt. The shirt is the only thing I wanted so I said,”wings are already here, lets do this!” My friend looked at me like I was crazy…..the wings were shakin in blazin sauce and more sauce was slathered all over the wings. After minute 3 was over I was so mad…but I kept eating. Finally the count down 5….4…3…2…1…time. I finished every single wing but hadn’t swallowed the last bite. The manager looked at me and said,”nice try but you don’t get your picture on the wall.” I replied with,” I never wanted my picture on the wall with a red face and sauce smeared all over my head! I just wanted a shirt but you changed the rules from 6min to 3 min for the shirt, so YOU ARE GONNA GIVE ME A SHIRT!!!!!” Guess what….I got my shirt! Hahaha! If anyone tries this I highly reccommend to be hungry, don’t think about how hot the wings are, and don’t stop eating….period!

  18. Deric Ly says

    I did it in 3.32 and I didnt get a t shirt at the lynnwood store

    The dude said I had to do it inder 3mins


  19. Anthony says

    I like all the information about the challenge! I’ve done it twice. The first time was 1:14 and I saw someone with a time of 1:04 so I thought I would try it again another time to see if I could beat it. I came in the second time at 1:00 and the waitress gave me my wings for free and I got a second shirt. Only then was I told that the fastest time at that restaurant was actually 0:48. Four seconds a wing is pretty crazy. I don’t think I’ll be trying to beat that any time soon.

      • Anthony says

        I don’t mind. I didn’t video either but had friends they’re abd 2 shirts for it. Maybe I’ll video it next time. The guy that had the 0:48 was about 350lb though, so I have no intention on trying to beat it… If feel bad about myself.

  20. Brian says

    I did it tonight, and sadly they didn’t make much of a big deal about it. The only t-shirts they had were 2XL and up (I’m a Small or Medium) the camera for the “Wall of Fame” had dead batteries, they forgot the waiver (which the prospect of needing a waiver enticed me) and I didn’t gather much of a crowd. I did it, and had a similar experience with hitting the wall at about 8 or 9. My best advice would be to slather on some Chapstick, I wish I had. Because the worst part for me was just how bad the sauce burns your lips. And subsequently… Your ass, when your body rejects them 3 hours later.

  21. Monte says

    Have they changed the Blazin wings? It’s been a few years since I’ve had them but I don’t remember them being very hot. 300,000 SU should place them in line with Dave’s Insanity sauce straight and my memory of them would place them well under 10% of that. If they are really 300,000 SU the Blazin wings today must be dramatically different than the last time I had them. Anyone know if there was a change?


    • Alex Hortaridis says

      The wings are not 300k SU. A standard habanaro is roughly 300k SU+ and the wings there are not that hot maybe 100k SU. If you want the hottest sauce in the world LEGIT is called THE SOURCE http://www.hotsauceworld.com/source.html this stuff will do the trick keep sealed will turn to a solid and start with a tiny drop. Do not pour. 7.1 Million SU.

      • Monte says

        Hi Alex

        Mad Dog 357 also has a 9 Million SU extract, just a bit on a tooth pic on the tongue does the job! I’ve also had “The Source”, it’s actually easier to use. The Mad Dog is pure capsaicin in a waxy substance, it’s not easy to evenly distribute it into a sauce. The Source being liquid is easier.

        I went over to BW3 yesterday not for the challenge but just for lunch. I had some “Blazin” wings and I would estimate them to be less than 5000 SU. They are not even as hot as a Jalapeno and those are typically around 6000 SU. Seems like the challenge is just in speed eating, not in heat tolerance.

        If you really want to make good wing sauce Dave’s Gourmet sells whole Ghost peppers. I put these in a blender along with a little ordinary wing sauce or vinegar and turn them into a liquid. This comes out really good! My most recent batch included some of the Mad Dog 9 Million SU extract, made a nice little heat boost:-)


        • Alex H says

          The Source is the hottest and is almost 50% pure. There is no other brand that comes close myself and all my hot food friends on the web TV show in the hot seat have tried all the 357 brands and there is not one that actually exceeds 2 million let alone the 7.1 million fore the source. The source is 80-100 dollars i suggest you buy it.

  22. Nick says

    How do I tackle/eat the wings (getting the meat off) correctly? I tried it by putting the wing horizontally in front of my face, but I ate 4 wings and gave up. I see people split the wing and scrape each bone off their teeth. I plan to tackle it again. What is the best strategy to getting the meat off of it?

    • Alex says

      Let the wings cool so that you dont burn you fingers on the wings right out of the oven and then for the wings on a single bone strip it off with your teeth and for the wings with the double bone separate the bones and individually strip the meat with your teeth.

      I did it in 1:28 – so you can definitely do it in the time they allow !!

  23. Juan says

    I did the Blazi, challenge when I was 17, Like 6 years ago. I did it in 2:45, the oly challenge for my was that the wings were really Hot :( So I burned my tongue.

  24. kk says

    Challenge is weak, but oh well had to see what it was about. Quaker Steak and lube has a better challenge, just tell them to give you all triple atomic wings. The regular atomics use a nasty rancid sauce. Oh, the triple atomic is only 500k temp. I like to get a box to go for lunch the next day.

  25. travis dexter says

    I did the challenge July 15,2014 at the buffalo wild wings in newport news, Virginia and finished in 4:00 that challenge was easy.

  26. cory caron says

    I have done the ghost pepper challenge in sarnia, ontario and it was a good heat but no problem so I guess this is the next challenge for myself also brownstones waiver wings challenge

  27. says

    When i did mine the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant i went to used a paper boat type dish and filled it with so much sauce i had to dig in the sauce to find the first wing! The Temperature was burn my fingers hot as well as SHU’s hot! Little did they know that’s the way i like em! 4:16 was my time at 6301 SUNRISE BLVD CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA i’m on their wall. :)

  28. Mark says

    I tried those wings, they didn’t really seem that hot to me at all. And I’ll take my time enjoying them, and some Thai Curry wings.

  29. VJ says

    I did the challenge in Plano. TX . the wings are not that spicy – But they were very hot ( Temperature) . It took 5 minutes for me and I didnt have anything after that – like Milk or any other drink. I signed a waiver . My Photograph was taken . I got a T shirt – Challenge was 12 wings in 6 minutes …but no crowd ==I did pay for the wings

  30. Todd says

    A few years ago I ate 50 blazin wings but did not time it. I set the record the day before at another wing place that the sauce was hotter (ate 40 with no napkin or drink allowed). I had no problems except the next day my a-hole burned like no other.

    • Brian says

      I did 30 tonight huge wings hotter than most places. Way hotter than bdubs. I’m on the toilet looking for a cure right now.

  31. says

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  32. david says

    Those were very hot hot wings I finished the challenge in 1:30 on nov 14 2015
    They could be hotter if they used some hot pepper extract

  33. Doug Pries says

    I’ve done the challenge 14 times. I like the shirts for work. twice I’ve done back to back challenges and twice I’ve done it three times in one sitting made it every time. I would like to see them go to the ghost pepper wing for the challenge but was told by waitstaff they can;t for legal reasons. I would like to the see the year put on the shirts some people would make it an annual event. personally I perfer the wild sauce for taste.


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