'Wich, Please

Kickstarting Our Food Truck, Part 6: Straight TCB’in It

It’s been another exciting month, with lots of dramatic, high-tension twists and turns, and at least three high-speed pursuits, and by “high-speed pursuits” I mean “long city council meetings.” As we get closer and closer to realizing our food truck dreams here in Rockland, Maine, I wanted to update you on a few exciting developments…. 

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May Giveaway: Cuisinart ICE-21 Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Maker

It seems like Spring is finally, ever-so-slowly creeping in here in Portland. To celebrate the return of warm weather and short pants, the return of cheeseburgers eaten on roof decks and sun-drenched boat rides around Casco Bay, the return of shirtless tweakers listening to Walkmen and lobsters steamed in outdoor cookers, we’re giving away this… 

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Your Just Desserts

It’s not that I dislike dessert. I’m not that kind of creep. But I very rarely order it either. I am a glutton, actually. I habitually overindulge, more often than not on the front end of a meal. The bread and butter basket has no business being near me. I am all about the sauce…. 

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Light Rye Hamburger Buns

Hamburger buns are important to me. Most supermarket hamburger buns are pretty boring, and are kind of like a really thick, cottony Wonder Bread, with a brown top. They act more as a vehicle for meat, than as a vital component of a hamburger. I like a soft, slightly sweet bun that can stand up… 

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Fore Street

During college, there was a short-lived phase in which we ironed-on words onto tee-shirts and hoodies. My tank top legend read, “pleasing”, which was my favorite descriptor of the time. To me, this meant all that is tactile and wonderful in the world around us, simple beauty, exquisite textures, sounds, sights and thoughts. Like when… 

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Two things had unfairly kept us from trying Whaddapita! until now. First, the design of the restaurant’s interior. Covered in neon green and orange paint, in big blocks of color, it’s loud. Beyond loud. It’s like what a Mediterranean fast-food restaurant would look like if it were designed by the McDonald’s corporation. Actually, it’s worse… 

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How to Make Ketchup

It’s much, much easier to buy ketchup off-the-shelf, than it is to make it from scratch. Preparation weighs in at about two hours, and makes tons of dishes that are a pain to clean: strainers, immersion blenders, and several pans. You may even have a hard time identifying the end result as “ketchup.” The sweet,… 

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I was bored by dinner at Boda. And I’m trying to get to the bottom of it. We arrived at seven-ish on a Friday and waited for two couples ahead of us to be seated. We admired the dining room from diminutive benches, hidden between the door and the host station. The lower dining room… 

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The “Blazin’ Wing Challenge” at Buffalo Wild Wings: A Photostory

Buffalo wing chain Buffalo Wild Wings has something called the “Blazin’ Wing Challenge.” For $12.00, you get a dozen of the chain’s chicken wings, slathered in their signature “Blazin’” sauce, the top end of the heat scale in the Buffalo Wild Wings array of sauces. The challenge? Eat them all, in less than six minutes…. 

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