KFC Nashville Hot Chicken

A Few Thoughts Regarding KFC’s “Nashville Hot Chicken”

As longtime readers know, I’m a big-time advocate for Nashville-style “Hot Chicken.” It strikes most of my food-related pleasure receptors: It’s hyper-regional, largely unknown (until recently) outside of its narrow geographic origins, which means eating it evokes very specific memories of a time and place in your life. Its preparation is also unique, in that… 

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Chilled Avocado Soup

We cooked dinner in the late afternoon, after spending all day in sunbathing in Central Park and walking in the cool, Catholic Cloisters. Her friends from NYU were coming to dinner, to drink wine and make movies under paper lanterns, city lights and a hazy summer smattering of stars. Up on the roof, liberated from… 

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Crispy Chicken Skin Tacos with Habanero Salsa (Chicharron de Pollo)

You’re either going to love this idea, or it’s going to make you just a teensy bit queasy. My dad, for one, would have loved it; he was convinced that if he could just buy several pounds of chicken skins and deep-fry them, he could become the international king of the “bar snack” industry (he… 

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Banana Cream Cupcakes

The cupcake is dead. Long live the cupcake. While the cupcake clamor may be ebbing, there’s no reason to banish the diminutive dessert from our hearts and plates. Especially when you inject the little bastards full of pudding. I took the lazy route and used a box of Jello vanilla pudding and pie filling, but… 

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Nostalgia and Summer Sandwiches

Hawaiian Punch came in a fat, squat blue box; it kept a sandwich cold when your mom packed it in your lunch straight from the freezer, which was perfect for the bagel and cream cheese you ate every day of seventh grade. Can you recall the peculiar aim and squish required to impale a Capri… 

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June Giveaway: Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine Party Package

It was pretty touch-and-go for a few weeks there, but it looks like Summer is finally coming to Portland. To help you celebrate, get the most out of the hot weather, and make all your upcoming outdoor barbecues even better, we’re giving away this electric Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine Party Package. This… 

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A Comparative Analysis of 13 Sketchy Frozen Burritos

When I was a fat little 12-year-old, my parents moved to Orange County. Along with the many challenges present in transitioning into a large high school in California in the early 1990s (thank you, Mom, for not letting me buy L.A. Raiders sneakers and overalls worn with one shoulder-strap unhooked), one of the biggest changes… 

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Beer & Bison Burgers with Garlic Pub Cheese and Bacon & Egg Potato Salad

Ground bison can be shaped into burgers and grilled just like ground beef, but the result is a substantially looser, leaner burger, much lower in fat than its ground-beef cousin. On a hot grill, bison burgers have a tendency to fall apart; we use rolled oats to bind the patties with the beer just a… 

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Up the stairs behind the bar, at a table in a window overlooking the port in the mid distance, above the Federals and Victorians of Danforth Street, in a freshly painted space that feels like a showroom for middle class satisfaction, we spent a pleasant evening at District. Not much of an endorsement? Perhaps not,… 

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