Grilled Pork Chops with Zingy Antipasto Relish (PLUS MEZZETTA GIVEAWAY!)

This is it. The solstice is this weekend. Summer is finally here. Driving home through the green roads with the windows open, we smell flowers and fresh cut grass and memories come flooding back. Everything is leafy green and beautiful. This is the time you look forward to when your toes are always frozen in the deep… 

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The Joy of Failing

Can a cookbook be fallible? Or are they perfect instruments, only failing in the hands of an inept chef? This is the question I faced today, as I stared into the unforgiving oven, at my Puffed Cheese with Mushrooms on Toast, which were decidedly un-puffed and unappealing. As it happens, the toasts were still sort… 

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Opening: Taco Trio

I‘ve been wondering recently whether a truly “authentic” Mexican restaurant or taqueria would be able to gain any traction in the Portland food scene. For as many “On the Borders” and “Margaritas” as there are (conveniently located on the outskirts of the Maine Mall parking lot, and in the open sore of St. John street,… 

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America! Presents: Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles

Because I am currently eating somewhere between four and forty meals per day, it may come as some surprise to hear that I was a bit of a finicky breakfast-eater, as a young man. I insisted that eating in the morning gave me a stomachache (because clearly, at seven years old, I was already a… 

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Roasted Garlic Aioli and Steamed Artichokes

Earlier today in the From Away test kitchen, one of us was vivisecting a savory toaster strudel, whilst the other was making aioli. I am feeling French and virtuous, while my collaborator has insides coated in Pillsbury goo. More on that later. We’ve been conducting condiment experiments lately and have both independently observed (that’s how… 

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The SoPo

We have a few strategies we employ, on days after we’ve had a big night out, having one round too many. As soon as we can get our ears to stop ringing and get our brains stuffed back up our nostrils, the healing can begin. Sometimes, it’s a bag of Doritos. Or a bowl of… 

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History and Hardtack

In the 19th Century, sailors and soldiers had three things in common: lice, dysentary, and hardtack. The latter was a Civil War staple right up there with tin types and blockade runners. (Is it obvious that most of my historical knowledge is derived from novels and Hollywood movies based on novels?) My newfound interest in… 

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Signature Cheeseburger

Signature Series: The Cheeseburger

Since early this year, Portland food bloggers have been eating hamburgers all over town, arranging our favorites into several categories, in an effort to find the best burgers available. This month, our cooperative coverage comes to a close (though of course, it’s not going to stop us from continuing to sample every burger we find)…. 

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Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese

“Jalapeno Popper” Grilled Cheese (Homemade)

With today’s sandwich, I wanted to recreate the flavors of a jalapeno popper, that bar-food staple appetizer. In the restaurant version, jalapeno peppers are stuffed with cream cheese, battered, and deep fried. It’s a perfectly spicy, creamy accompaniment to, say, a dozen pints of beer. I felt like a direct translation of jalapeno poppers into… 

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