7 Layer DIp Burger

“Seven Layer Dip” Burgers

Here’s the thing. I’m not normally one to go for these kinds of “impossible” burgers. Y’know, the kind of cheeseburger that’s so intent on piling every single thing in the cupboard on top of a forlorn, forgotten beef patty, that the top bun stand precariously balanced atop an 18 inch sloppy pile of lettuce, tomato,… 

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April Giveaway: “Fresh From Maine”

On May 1st, we’ll be selecting one of the people who “like” our Facebook page, at random, to receive a copy of “Fresh From Maine: Recipes and Stories From the State’s Best Chefs.” This cookbook collects recipes and anecdotes from some of the state’s best restaurants and chefs, including Bar Lola, Caiola’s, and Hugo’s. Remember,… 

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Roadside torta de cochinita pibil with pickled red onions and habanero salsa, near Akumal

Sobras (Leftovers): The Other Things We Ate In Mexico


Tacos al Pastor

No matter how familiar you may be with a given city street in Mexico, everything changes at 7:00 o’clock, when the majority of taco vendors open their doors and begin grilling their meats. Unlike their North-of-the-Border cousins in the United States, which are drenched in sour cream, iceberg lettuce, and stringy tendrils of flavorless orange,… 

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Sopa de Lima

There’s a kind of a cantina steps from the square, with seven tiers of tequila behind the bar and portly waiters refilling your draining glass of Sol. The tables and chair are sticky plastic, emblazoned with Coca Cola logos, garnished with bottles of Cholula and marinating habaneros. Thank heaven a slow fan creaks overhead; it… 

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Carboncitos Taco Bar in Playa del Carmen

Greetings and salutations from sunny Playa del Carmen. We are on vacation in Mexico: strolling 5th Avenue, stopping at interesting bars where golden harlot bartenders mix sophisto-fruity cocktails, browsing shawls and skulls at stalls and malls, swimming against the strong Caribbean current and, of course, eating copious amounts of stupendous tacos. We happen to be… 

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Shredded Beef and Chorizo Tinga Tostadas

In central Mexico (specifically Puebla), shredded beef or chicken tinga can be found filling the tacos, tostadas, and tortas in almost every street cart. It’s the go-to filling for enchiladas and burritos, as well, offering an intense smoked chipotle flavor to stewed beef. While chipotle seems to be a pretty hip ingredient right now, it’s… 

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Micucci’s Pizza

How can something called “The Slab” taste so sweet? Maybe it was the weather. I had never been in before and was unabashedly charmed by the India Street market. Perhaps I was hallucinating and high on premature spring temperatures, but I felt as if I had been there before, adding chick peas and Pellegrino to… 

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Today’s Sandwich: “Special Combination” Banh Mi (Kim’s Gift Shop)

Today’s sandwich is the “Special Combination” banh mi from Kim’s Gift Shop. It combines three types of meat, with daikon radish, cucumbers, carrots, and lots of fresh cilantro. The roll is also dressed with mayonnaise and liver pate. Location: 261 St. John Street Price: $2.95 Notes: Since we’ve been away from the United States for… 

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