Today’s Sandwich: Pork Tenderloin & Pickled Onion (Homemade)

Today’s sandwich is a homemade concoction, that tries to capture my favorite flavors of Mexico in sandwich form. It combines sliced pork tenderloin (which we began our love affair with a few posts ago), homemade pickled red onions, cream cheese, and chipotle mustard, on pineapple/jalapeno bread from When Pigs Fly in Freeport. This bread is incredible…it’s so jammed up with pineapple, it’s almost like eating a sandwich made on two slices of fruitcake. This sandwich was a success, though I could’ve had it a little spicier, to balance out the intense sweetness of the fruit. Next time, I’ll ratchet the heat up by mixing some habaneros into the pickled onions, instead of the jalapenos I used.


  1. Malcolm says

    You could sub-in Black Bean Chipotle, for sure, for those that don’t like sweet sandwiches. I was trying to play off the tacos al pastor thing, though, so the pineapple was a big inspiration. Thanks for commenting!

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