Today’s Sandwich: Tuna Italian (West End Deli)

Location: 133 Spring Street
Price: $6.00 (small)
Notes: Today’s sandwich, a tuna “Italian” from the West End Deli, actually manages to make tuna fish, well, interesting. Although a little on the small side for a $6 sandwich, the attention to detail here takes some of the burn out of the initial sticker shock. Fresh, zippy ingredients, sliced super-thin and placed on the sandwich lengthwise, banh mi style, along with a few surprises, including sliced Kalamata olives, and a wonderfully chewy roll, allow this sandwich to transcend its humble lunch box associations.

In a related aside, I would also like to note that it is extremely difficult to take an appetizing photo of a tuna salad sandwich.


  1. says

    Well, again, you’ve inspired me with a sandwich, but I’ll have to make it myself thanks to that whole ‘I-can’t-hop-a-plane-just-to-get-a-sandwich’ thing.

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