How to Make “Magic Shell” Style Ice Cream Topping

Magic Shell Style Ice Cream Topping

I’ve got nothing but love for “Magic Shell,” the chocolate ice cream topping that starts out a liquid, but freezes instantly over ice cream into a thin, crackly shell that you whack with the back of a spoon before you take a bite. It’s equal parts food science from the wizards at Smucker’s and, as… 

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Ginger Peach Ice Cream Sandwiches


In fifth grade, we were given permission to walk the two miles from Pierson School to St Mary’s of the Visitation on Tuesday afternoons, for CCD. We did not have, however, have permission to stop at Cumberland Farms for snacks. But we did anyway, when we were feeling daring. I would get a Chipwich premium… 

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Bourbon Eggnog Ice Cream


A Christmas syllogism. Major premise: delicious eggnog must come from the carton. Minor premise: my eggnog ice cream is made with milk, heavy cream, sugar, and egg yolks. Conclusion: my eggnog ice cream is not delicious. Syllogism disproved. Suck it, Aristotle. ‘Cause my eggnog ice cream is the jam. To wit, it is the jimmy jam. I blame… 

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Queen Anne Cherry Cordial Ice Cream


My dad was absolutely in love with cherry cordials, those red boxes of chocolates with the liquid cherry filling that you see in supermarkets in the “Seasonal” aisle during Christmastime. When I was stumped for gift ideas (and strapped for cash, on my two-dollar-per week-allowance), a sure-fire Dad-pleaser of a Christmas present was two boxes… 

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Red’s Dairy Freeze


There are a few different ways to go, when the ice cream craving hits. There are those that seek out the purest, best ingredients; they want their strawberry ice cream to be made with fresh, locally-picked organic strawberries, combined with a little whole milk and heavy cream, a dab of sugar, and mixed by hand… 

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Nutella Ice Cream


Jillian knows almost everything there is to know about France, based on a week-long 8th grade class trip. Over the years, she has been passing that volume of wisdom on to me. I know, for example, how to ask “Where is the W.C.,” in perfectly-inflected, completely native-sounding French. I know that I prefer a savory… 

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