Maine Lobster Festival Seafood Cooking Contest 2014: A Photostory

Maine Lobster Festival: Seafood Cooking Contest 2014: A Photo Story

This year marked the 67th annual Maine Lobster Festival. If you’ve never been to the festival, it is exactly what you’re picturing. Thousands of people gather next to the ocean to consume thousands upon thousands of pounds of freshly cooked lobster. For four days each year, Rockland is heaven on Earth for those of us… 

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Curried Shrimp in Spicy Coconut Tomato Sauce

Curried Shrimp in Coconut Tomato Sauce

It is a triumph particular to the busy home cook to have everything on hand to make a delicious lunch, especially on a rainy day at the end of June, when everyone is a little stir-crazy-cranky. We’re cooped up without a car. Some of us are teething. One of us would like a nap, and… 

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Bengali Fish Curry with Red Lentil Dal


I’m bored. Bored with what I’ve been eating and doing and watching and reading and even with my same tired old boring usual thoughts. Oh, me. Oh, life.  I know that it’s tacky to admit to being bored, when there are so many interesting things in this world. And most of the time, everything is… 

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Seared Scallop BLT with Candied Maple Bacon

Seared Scallop BLT

I don’t have an anecdote about bacon-wrapped scallops. I do have a bacon-wrapped shrimp anecdote, so I am going to tell that and then shoehorn scallops in at the end. Have you ever tried to shoehorn a scallop? Not as easy as one might think. I did recently enjoy some fried scallops at Bill’s Seafood… 

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Yukon Gold Potatoes with Crème Fraîche and Lobster Roe


Do you eat the roe? Typically I do not, when enjoying lobster, munch on its eggs, nor do I suck the legs, drink claw liquid or dismantle the body cavity. And I definitely don’t touch the tomalley. Apparently, combining tomalley and roe is considered a lobster paste, or paté, which is a briny delicacy I… 

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Duo’s Takeout

Duo's Takeout

The section of north Main Street in Rockland between the Dunkin’ Donuts and the McDonald’s isn’t exactly a world-renowned culinary hotspot. It’s an area of town that has seen plenty of businesses come and go, attracting the kind of hardscrabble retail endeavors that never seem to last long. The strip is now mostly a string… 

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